Thursday, March 13, 2008

Maybe...'s God's sign to let me know I'm not alone.

Every time my world crumbles, I'll bump into people I know, people who mean something to me. =)
After letting out the tears in the morning chatting with my friend and sms-ing my best friend back home, I sms-ed my mom to let her know I actually miss them alot, which resulted in more crying. Anyway, as I was walking to the bus stop this afternoon, I bumped into the friend whom I was chatting with...and what do u know?! My tears flowed out like streams of river =S It wasn't a very pretty sight. We hugged and that instant I felt that I'm not alone. Well, it was quite a funny way how we met. We were queuing up at the Adelaide airport and I heard her squealing about the security dogs so I turned around and we smiled at each other. I thought that was the end of it but little did I know that she's actually studying at the same campus as I am. And I'm not sure if it's coincidence, 2nd sem last year, we took the same subject and from then on I didn't have to dread going to class alone cause I know that she'll be there, together with some other friends.

Then after class today, on the way back to my apartment, I bumped into a friend whom I got to know last year in Easter Camp. Well, I was his angel. LOL Anyway, when he asked how I'm doing, I felt like crying again. Luckily I excused myself fast...cause I needed to get some stuff before heading home. While walking, a lady opened her arms wide and walked towards me, looking really happy to see me. On second look, I realised that she's the resident pastor who stays at the hostel I used to live in. Last year, she prayed for me at the dining table because I was too stressed and was about to cry. This year, she appeared again on the same day I cried. I think it's really God.

Every time someone asks me how I'm doing, I do not know how to answer. How I'm doing, as in physically, emotionally or mentally? If u're talking about the physical aspect, can't u see for urself? Mentally...If I'm not fine mentally I wouldn't be able to converse with you, would I?? My emotions change like the weather, sometimes predictable sometimes not. So it's hard to say. Right now, if you ask me how I'm doing, I'll say I'm not doing fine. I'm panicking about assignments, missing my parents, relatives and friends badly AND looking forward to summer holidays (I know, summer is still here...but I can't wait already!!).

I learnt today in my psychology lecture, that dreams are unsatisfied desires. So I reckon that my desire to go home is suppressed to the extent that I dream of them. OK, better go..starting to babble again.



jennifer said...

whoaaa how come i didnt know about this?? emotions are hidden well beneath the layers of if anythin, im here!

Lin said...

well...cause u weren't home. =) when u're home i don't think nonsense that's y...AND i know u're stressed with ur own stuff too..don't wanna burden u more...

feifei said...

hey gal, keep ur spirits up kays?? remember dat u'll always haf frens supporting u and loving u.. :)

Lin said...

hey yin fei!! this is ur first time commenting on my blog!! i'm so touched!!!! thank u...i know =) *hugs*