Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Woke up early today despite sleeping late the night before. Had a quick breakfast again with M and off I went to the city to see the GP. Didn't want to go at first but my mom insisted I go although the swelling on my hand has subsided because she said, "Just in case" -.-

The GP heard what I had to say, had a look at my hand, typed some stuff on his laptop and it was over. All he said was, "It might have been a spider bite, it looks OK now. Tell you what you should do, go to the mall, buy a surface spray, and spray on the walls in your room, just in case spiders or other insects are lurking around" =.= Oookkkaaayyy...No prizes for guessing right how much he charged me. A freaking amount of AUD46.10!! What's that 10 cents for anyway?! ARRGGGHHHH! I should have just be prodigal and not heed my mom's advice! That's like what...RM138.30!! With that amount, I can pay for half of Linkin Park's concert tickets!! I decided not to go for the concert cause 1. my mom didn't allow cause it's expensive, 2. I felt guilty spending so much, and 3. it's AUD99.90 (RM300) for a ticket!! All 3 reasons are related to $$$ and I had to pay what, RM48.30 after claiming back AUD30 from OSHC! =S

*sigh* Enough about $$$...though I seem stingy, I don't care anymore! It's time I learn how to say NO to temptations and start saving. No spending unless it's on food or something necessary. Hopefully next year my lecture schedule would not be so tight and so I can work!! Well, not 100% because of money that I want to work though. Been wanting to work and experience how it's like working since finishing SPM, but never gotten myself to.

After seeing the GP, I headed to the State Library. I wanted to borrow Hopeless Romantic once again cause I haven't finished reading it when I returned it but I couldn't find the book. *sigh* Wanted to read the ending of a romantic story...=P So, I thought maybe it's time for me to read those classical books (e.g. Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility etc.) but I couldn't find them either. Suddenly I was in the mood for thrillers, so woohoo~ I borrowed 2 books by Sidney Sheldon and a chick novel by Sophie Kinsella.

Was reading "In the mirror" by Sidney Sheldon on the bus on the way home (it's rather funny calling Hosanna my home, cause it's not exactly my home >.<). Nearly missed my stop! When I looked up and saw the majestic building of Hosanna Heights, my heart skipped a beat and in a split second, my butt got off the seat and my hand was reaching for the button to ring the bell! Phew~ Didn't want to walk uphill if I'd missed the stop!!

Holidays is the time when I have time to myself to reflect upon my life, myself and stuff around me. It is also the time when I'm more sensitive to comments cause I know that I'll be able to reflect on them when my mind is not occupied. While having lunch, P came down with his bag. There weren't any people sitting at the table he used to sit at, so he put down his bag on one of the chairs at the table I was sitting at. Then I was talking to this guy X and X suddenly teased me (I couldn't remember what) so I said, "Stupid X!" Out of silence, P said I should not call people stupid. I wasn't offended and wasn't sure if he said it seriously or jokingly though but it got me thinking.

When I call someone stupid, I don't really mean stupid stupid, but just an expression. And when I say it, it doesn't mean that I'm angry or what, it's just how I express myself. Maybe, just maybe I do offend people unconsciously, but I do not call people I'm not close with stupid and people who I'm close with know that I don't mean what I say. So, what should I do about this? Restrict myself from saying the things I'm used to saying? Or, just restrict myself when I'm around certain people? Sometimes I feel I can't satisfy every single person. I just wanna be me...you know...be the bubbly and happy-go-lucky person I used to be. On the other hand, I want to be this perfect girl, which I know is quite impossible. At times I want to grow up as soon as possible (part of the reason is to show P I'm not that immature girl he thinks I am) but I just can't. It's not time yet...it's not meant to be that way. I'm proud to say that I'm mature in some ways though. =)

A friend let me listen to this japanese song entitled "I remember you" sung by Yui and I think I'm addicted to it...=S One more song to my addicted song list. Haha~ It's only Monday and so much has happened. Hmmm...I think this holiday would be quite eventful ;)



jennifer said...

my goshh!!! the doctor's was $70 over altogehter!!??! even after the oshc deduction you still gotta pay 40 stg. that's soo expensive mann..and the doc din do nethin also. hahhaha. ask you to buy insect spray instead. ABSURD man!!

Lin said...

hahahaha~ no no no .... he charged me AUD46.10 and I get to claim back AUD30 so I have to pay AUD16.10 which is RM48.30 =.= *sigh*

Maree said...

lolz!so ur hand's alright nw??and linkin park's going 2 haf a concert thr!?!?OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!mike shinoda!!!!!!!hahaha!

Lin said...

my hand?? is ok now lo...cheh~~ stupid GP! =P i mean stupid me...shouldn't have gone to see him >.<

YES!!! I so wanna go but I feel guilty using my parents' money...so I guess I'll juz have to wait till I work and earn my own money...haih...maybe then i can go with my kids...lol...linkin park members would be OLD by then!! HAHAHAHA~