Friday, September 21, 2007

Falling sick

Woke up yesterday morning feeling my throat being tight. Tried to utter a word but no sound came out...after clearing my throat twice, a coarse voice was heard. Didn't feel like talking the whole day, felt so miserable. =(

Today, I had yummy egg for breakfast. However, I didn't feel as happy as I would have been. >.< Still miserable that my throat is tight. My body keeps screaming to be wrapped up in my blanket; my eyes try to shut themselves every second I try to read my novel. I feel like dying!!!!!

*sigh* Planned to start studying today. Hopefully I am able to after my nap...



Lee YX said...

hey darl,
hope you're better alrd.

yeah Esmee's good.

just so you know, I'll be back in December so hope to catch up with everyone then.

cheer on!!! ;P

Maree said...

take care,you...
huggies :)

Anonymous said...

ohhh my poor r u feeling??? had medicine???

*turns another side of da face*

feel miserable cause u cant talk???cause u are so talkative...probably cant stand a day without talking huh???

lazy wanna slp say lazy....=P

*turns back to da other side*

oh...get well soon ah ma.....sleep more ar....

i am not e didnt write this

Anonymous said...

hope u get better soon.. :)