Thursday, September 27, 2007


...I don't know where to start.

OK...I start from last Friday =P

I baked a cake and rolled sushis last Friday. It was easy baking a cake. All I had to do was mix the ingredients until it's smooth and then transfer the mixture into a erm...mold and put it into a preheated oven! =D However, the cake came out looking looked like a volcano >.< Looks don't tasted great! HAH to all those who are laughing at me now!! *blek*

It was my first time making sushi. Well, not exactly made made, but...fine!! I ROLLED a sushi for the first time...=D It was quite messy...rice sticking on my fingers and at the same time had to make sure no rice sticks on the seaweed outside =S I seriously disappointed myself. The first thought that comes to my mind is: I can never be a housewife!!!! Such a failure, man! But it's ok...cause this is my first time. P2 was teasing me of never gonna be a good housewife and I said I'll find a guy who can cook. What she said next made sense too. Guys who know how to cook expect their wives to know how to cook as well. True...very true.

While rolling sushi's, P2 kept mentioning P, which was quite weird cause everything seemed to fall into place. Like how guys know how to cook expect their wives to cook or guys who know how to cook are difficult cause they're picky in their food. That's just super weird. Not only that, P2 will tell me out of the blue, "Don't (fill in verb), P (fill in like/dislike) eating (noun)" XD

It was really fun though...E was responsible of cutting the sushi and she found quite a few with only rice and without any fillings...oops~ We ate those without fillings =P I think I'm sick of sushi for the meantime.

2 nights ago I watched High School Musical 2...been waiting for it to be out for ages!! Awww~ So romantic!! Sometimes I wish I'm back in high school and I have a boyfriend...haha...high school sweetheart <3 Like what C said "High school love is the purest and sweetest" Just one of my fantasies...I'm getting old!

Anyway, went out with J yesterday morning to get J2 her birthday present which falls on this Friday. We had no idea what to get her so I suggested we make her a big birthday card with photos of her memories stuck in it =) We set off to Lincraft to buy cards and then we went back to J's place to save some photos into my pendrive and memory card to be developed in one of the shops at Rundle Mall. We were so scared that J2 would see us with our big cards cause then it wouldn't be a surprise anymore. J made sure that J2's not home then she called me to go up. Oh yeah, J and J2 are housemates.

After choosing photos to be developed, we headed to 3 Store to develop the pictures cause E went there to develop before and it was instant. Unfortunately, the machines at 3 Store were out of order. Therefore we headed to Harvey Norman, the one introduced by J. Oh boy, we had a hard time figuring out how to use those darn machines!! I think we took half an hour just to choose and edit our photos. =.= Technology...

And it took us by wasn't instant. So we had to go for our lunch and come back to collect the photos. When there are too many choices, it's hard to decide. J and I took like 10 minutes to decide on what to eat and so we went to Southern Cross. I thought maybe I should settle for some Tandoori cause it makes me feel at home so we did. The curry turned out to be super duper salty!! *faints* Luckily I brought water, if not I would've died of dehydration.

Collected the photos and wow!! They're so nice!!!! I love hard copy photos....memories start to rush back to me! Excuse me for the boring style of writing. I'm not in the mood for creative writing...LOL J and I were so excited to do art and craft!! Haven't done it for ages...Thought it would be really quick to make a birthday card...little did we know...we took more than an hour to make it cause we couldn't come up with ideas for the captions of the photos. =S 9 photos were developed but 3 couldn't fit in so I took home 2 myself and J took 1.

ARRGGGHHHH!! Wasted too much time today....later!


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