Friday, August 17, 2007


It's 1:51am...just finished writing my psychology essay synopsis. I think I did a crappy job, oh well...

Was listening to 真爱 by 183 Club,and the feelings when I first listened to this song came back to me...The song was a soundtrack to this Taiwanese drama series 王子变青蛙 (The prince who turned into a frog).

Used to be crazy over this series, mainly because of its romantic storyline and the handsome main male character...The story was more or less like a fairytale but I still love it!! Everyone who knows me knows that I'm a total sucker for romantic things =P

Can't believe that I was dreaming my whole high school and college life...thinking that fairytales do exist. Well, I still think that there's a fairytale designed for each and everyone, just that maybe all we have to do is to wait and see. The time will come. Everyone will have their own happy ending =)

After last week's bible study, JC (our bible study leader?) was saying something that goes something like this:
God has a plan for us and for example He has already chosen our life partner for us. Of course the one He chooses will be the perfect one for us but if we miss out on the perfect one, then we'll get the second best one. However, the result won't be as good as the perfect one. The good thing is that if you don't know who the perfect one is, then you'll never know what you've missed out. got me thinking...there are so many things in, studies, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, decisions etc. We live life as it is but we'll never know which ones are the perfect ones. And I guess it's a good thing we don't know, or else we'll be living in regret all the time.


I'm in my last year of being a teenager, figuring out how life works...but yeah, I enjoy learning about life. Coming here has opened my eyes to the things around me and to the things unseen. Knowing the people here has broaden my horizon as well...Never thought I'd get to know great people here...Used to think that people can't really be trusted no matter how nice people treat you, but I'm opening my heart once again. Even if I get hurt, I'll know that at least I have once tried.


Got to feel love for my family more deeply than ever!! "As I look around, I can't believe the love I see" (Jordin Sparks - This is My Now) Love is like the wind; you can't see it but you can feel it (A Walk to Remember) Starting to experience God's love as well...been running away for too long. However, I'm still in the process of learning how to love people whom I do not know. The funniest thing is that although I'm a romantic person, I do not express love well. I can just act the total opposite of how I feel and then regret it later because I panic. I just feel weird being too nice to


They are the ones who make life more bearable. I think in certain ways, friends influence you more than your family does, probably because of the generation gap. Well, I'm not saying ALL, but majority. Like for example, I would tell my friends about my crushes but not my mom/dad/brother. However when it comes to big big events like my getting a boyfriend, maybe I'll tell my parents for approval. I am the kind who seeks the approval of my family. Without their approval or blessings, it'd be meaningless. Anyway, back to friends, somehow friends learn from each other without knowing.

p/s: Genieve, we must always keep in touch ok?! *hugs* Not forgetting sze may...if you ever fall for some cute American guy must update me ok??!! XD

Time for me to visit prince charming, here I come! XD

Before I go, just wanna share the lyrics of 真爱 (True Love).

我们都曾经明白也都曾经遗憾 (We once understood and also one regretted)
错过了爱就难以从来 (Once you've missed out on love, it's hard to start anew)
不要害怕去坦白,(Don't be afraid to be honest)
怕容易被你宠坏,(Afraid of being spoilt by you easily)
忘了该与不该,(Forget the shoulds and shouldn'ts)
到哪里找回真爱,(Where to go to find true love back)
找回所有遗憾,(Find back all the regrets)
爱的真相就能够解开。(The truth of love will be revealed)

oops~ excuse my bad direct translation XP



Anonymous said...

lolz...thanx for translating!hahaha!-m

Lin said...

hahaha~ u're welcome! *wink* i know u don't understand chinese *giggles*

remember when we were learning swimming? i was singing chinese songs and u asked me to sing other than chinese songs...=D

Maree said...

lolz!i duno hw u could sing while swimming...later the water go in ur mouth?haha..nolah,we were practising hw 2 kick dat tym..haha..

Lin said...

HAHAHAHA~ u funny woman!!! =D answering ur own question!

Anonymous said...

i've never got "u're so funny" for so many consecutive days before..u oso farnee lah..hahaha!blek

Lin said...

hehehehehe~ Maree...I don't care! U're one of the people on my list on who I wanna meet when I get back to Penang!!!! I don't care!! *throws fists in the air*