Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Life here...

well, i'm not sure which note i should start on....the lighter one or the not-so-light one?

i'm so sleepy and it had been a really hard i'll juz keep it short.

i have a friend who's mad at me for making fun at him...ok, i admit that i was wrong...but he kinda told me he was angry in a not-so-serious way! not only that, everytime he has a straight face when he tells a how am i supposed to know if what he said was true or not?! (too lazy to check grammar) anyway, we're not giving way i'm gonna say sorry to him...cause basically i don't think what i did was SO big a deal he has to NOT talk to me...and i don't mind him not talking to me cause he literally messed up my life since i knew him. maybe when i'm calm, i'll tell the whole story....

besides that, i got lost today while coming back from uni cause i wanted to try another route...which was supposed to be easier to walk...cause the roads are not that steep therefore i don't have to use up so much i ended up walking farther than i should...dumb huh?? =S

p/s: i guess no one visits this dead blog anymore...haha~

- Lin -


GLO said...

got got...i visit almost once or twice per week :D

really nice to hear u reblogging again...gambatte

no matter how hard the life is, u shud always know our life, ntg is 'bigger' than death. walk on. ;-)

blog more!!! :D :D :D

Lin Whatever! said...

haha...yeah, i know. it's hard trying to cope with "growing up"
i will, i will, i will blog more when i'm not so tensed up...=( juz lost a friend...and it's only my 2nd month here...i'm relieved that my old friends are still thinking of me from time to's really comforting =') thanks for checking my blog although it's already half dead.

GLO said...

losing a friend in foreign land is no big deal...slowly u will realize it. penang is very different from other places...the ppl we meet and the friends we make...(excluding college) in our circle are mostly forgiving and able to think through the line...but there're a lot ppl outside penang who ain't like that. we just have to move on.

the most important thing is to grow up. yeah...growing up is never easy. the hardest part of growing up is to able to face urself, ur own conscience without hatred or will to revenge. that's a real 'grow-up'. some people in this think they 'grow-up' when they learn to blame some faults on others and to hate ppl for doing sth wrong while they never actually thought thru sth.

lol...certainly old friends do think of u la...just, just, dun give up. ;-)

pink positive!! said...


i'm still loyal reader here!! *winks*

there'll be arguments between friends ler... just give it some time.. and do cherish the friendship... cuz it's not easy for 2 souls to meet up and become friends!!

haven't heard from u for sooo long!!! hope ya doing a great time!!

all the best ya!! =)

Lin Whatever! said...

hey guys!!
sorry for not updating my blog lately...been quite busy, and when i'm not, i'll b talking to people or
anyway, it's good to hear from u guys =)