Tuesday, December 19, 2006

shitty situation

when u're not in the mood, or u're feeling nervous because of something...adults juz don't leave u alone, do they?

they think they're right ALL the time...they expect u to tell them something when they don't even ask u in a polite way or they simply assume that u've done something WRONG!!

we teenagers are humans too u know?? we do not like ppl making baseless assumptions! I am 100% sure that adults do not like it when ppl do that to them too! So y do they do that to us??

I'm not sure if it's a coincidence, this shitty situation somehow kinda relates to the song in my previous post.

Not all teenagers tell their parents stuff, including me. y? they'll make judgements... I do know of a friend who tells her mom stuff, which makes me green with envy. If only my mom was my closest friend. Having a sibling as a close friend is great! but when ur mom insists that u tell her what u guys have been talking about, that's juz plain lame...i mean, we have a right to tell or not u know?! and who's there to say that it's wrong or right? because there's no such thing as wrong or right...it only depends on how u view the situation. Wait, I forgot, adults although may be more mature than us, sometimes do not think rationally. Forgive me, I'm so forgetful *sarcasm*

At times I feel like I'm the luckiest person on earth, but at times, I feel shitty being born into this world! ISH!!! Oh yeah, and u do NOT need to study psychology to speak politely, u know?! It's called Public Relations...duh! To put it in a meaner way, it's called MANNERS! since young adults have been teaching us about MANNERS, but where is it when it comes to them?! I simply think life is sooo unfair!

Fine, juz because u lost to the debate...u don't wanna talk to me. I'm absolutely fine with it...