Saturday, December 16, 2006

caught in a whirlwind

I juz got home from an outing with 2 friends of mine...we watched a jap horror movie called "The Haunted Apartments", it wasn't terrific or awesome but i find it waaaaay better than the thai horror movie "Colic" iI watched with my friend the other day. at least this movie has a prominent storyline and all....

sometimes I can be in a crowd but I feel like I'm all alone in the world.

y?? maybe it's me or maybe it's not. BUT it's not for U, who are reading this, to judge either...I do not need that right now!

well, yeah...friends do make fun of and laugh at each other hard feelings. Somehow, there are times when u feel extra down/insecure/"mood-less". And when u wanna let ppl know that u don't wanna be made fun of by being being quiet, ppl juz don't get it, do they?! I tried so hard not to make it a big deal because obviously it's not....but ppl still don't get it. *sigh*
In the end, I am the one suffering because i do not wanna spoil the atmosphere by keeping all my emotions inside. =S I guess I'm not very good in EQ this kinda juz leave me alone, I feel shitty.