Wednesday, September 13, 2006

i've decided... juz not care too much about that person anymore because the more i do, the more disappointed i get. And this isn't fair to me...I can never mistreat myself...I hate feeling down all of a sudden because of that person...I'm supposed to be happy-go-lucky.

It's so pointless to care when that person doesn't even know u, y torture myself right? yup! That is why I'm here to promise myself i shall never feel bad/sad because of that person ever again...From now on I'll juz act as if that person doesn't exist...but that'd be incredibly hard since i see that person every college!!

*sigh* I wish i was born a stone-hearted guy...haha~ juz one of my crazy imaginations! =D

Anyway, won't be blogging anytime soon...not that anybody cares though. =)


queenlyd said...

hey! i do care!! :P

i do drop by from time to time.. whenever i visit shaothing's blog (which is not all that often lately cuz he hasn't been blogging *glare*), but i'll rmbr to link u in my blog n in bloglines soon and i'll be reading ur blog whenever u update it!! =)

Lin Whatever! said...

haha~ thanks! =) but i hope my blog is not sooo ermm...well-known...cause my bro doesn't know i have a blog...=P i don't want him reading my personal stuff =D

p/s: i'm glad someone cares...