Monday, August 07, 2006

1st time - prom + 'clubbing'

last night was a blast...dunno...can't really was like a dream...

lazy to relate in

  • 4pm - went to do hair and make up...couldn't recognise myself after that! o.O
  • reached E&O hotel at 6 something...felt so weird in a dress, make up and heels!
  • i've never looked so feminine in my whole entire life!
  • the moment i stepped out of the car...i started mumbling to myself "i feel so God...i wanna kill myself" hahaha~
  • i saw anime (my eye candy from college) he looked sooo cute!!! <3
  • took loads of pics...but i think my mouth looks big in all the pics =S
  • the food was not delicious....
  • fast forward - went 'clubbing' after prom
  • went to SS
  • whoa! i tell u...clubbing's really not my thang...haha~ i juz couldn't dance...i know i'm supposed to juz move...but...i can't! i'm stiff! and it's so awkward dancing when there's so many home i can move crazy with the music....but yesterday? =S
  • i juz stood there...hoping my ear drums will still work when i step out of the club...the worst part was we couldn't sit! if we sat, we had to buy drinks! sheesh!
  • and the lights were blinding! whoa! i thought i was gonna
  • the most surprising thing was...C went clubbing too! wow...haha~ his dance moves were funny....really...


pink positive!! said...

haha...although u said that clubbing ain't ur thang...but hey! at least u got an experience!...i'll bring u somewhere else next time...might be a lil' better than ss, and u might enjoy it?...:S

u look seriously awesome in that killer dress!!!.... XD

Lin Whatever! said...

HAHAHAHAHA~ clubbing? maybe some other time =S my mom would kill me!

killer dress?!? LOL~ what an adjective! =D thanks! =)