Thursday, April 20, 2006

crazy =D

AH!! haha...i had a fantastic time yesterday with my girl friends...

I was supposed to meet Eva at McD's at 1:30pm but she called me earlier to tell me that she would b later, so haha...i went a lil later lo =P when i was in my mom's car on the way to Gurney Plaza GP), i saw Peace's friend, Arveen crossing the road to his car....wearing his beach wear as usual! HAH! And later my other friend Prasana told us he has fever! lol...he certainly didn't look like he had a fever to us...

Anyway, I met up with Eva at Coffee Bean and we walked to McD's together to have lunch. As we were about to take our order, a guy went "a large coke pls". Wah! My friend and I turned around to stare at that whoever it! It was Sudeep and Aman (Peace) who we got to know at the Cancer Relay for Life thingy...i was kinda happy to see Aman though...he's like forever so soft spoken and for Sudeep? HMPH!

Prasana told me that she could make it for our outing but then yesterday morning she sent me an sms saying she couldn't make it d because she has a whole list of chores to do...=( so sad la...then when i was on the way to GP, she called and asked me what time were gonna meet up! YAY!

At McD's, i had loads of fun laughing, laughing and laughing!! My goodness, the whole restaurant was filled with our laughter!! =D It felt real good...laughing like nobody's looking...oh yeah, Sudeep and Aman AND another girl, Moga (who's also studying in the same college as I am) were sitting at a corner...luckily there were dustbins to cover their faces! LOL...then halfway through our lunch, Prasana came!! yippy!!

I'm getting impatient here...hehe...usually i don't relate stories from the beginning till the i'll skip a few 'scenes' =P

We watched 'reincarnation' which is a jap horror movie...hehe...instead of being scared, my friends and I were laughing the whole entire time! The guys at the back row thought they could scare us by touching us...not exactly touch there's this one time before the movie even began, i felt someone touching my hair but i juz combed my hair with my fingers anyway...haha...then my friend leaned forward and said to us "hey, if u feel anyone touching u, don't be scared ok? it's juz the guys behind us" HAH! very funny...didn't scare me at ALL...instead there was this guy 2 seats away from me...he was sooo afraid, when the sound effects changed, he would cover his face with his hands...and say "SHIT!" HAHAHAHAHA so funny!!

The second movie we watched that day was When a Stranger wasn't THAT scary...but it kept everyone in the cinema in friends and i actually joked around when we were watching that movie...cause there was one scene when the girl called 911 to report that there's a guy calling her...bla bla bla...then the guy on the other end of the phone...his voice was soooooo ermmm....attractive? =S dunno...i commented to them that he's so cute! haha...and they were like "what?! u're hitting on a guy whom u don't even know how he looks like?!" =)) i liked his voice alot though...*sigh*


The 3 of us went to Domino's to have our dinner...we shared on half-and-half regular pizza..yummy! 1 side aloha chicken, 1 side chicken pepperoni...hmmmm!


hehe...really losing my patience =P

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