Wednesday, February 22, 2006

guys...they're superficial

girls who agree with me, say YEAH!

i juz came back from gurney watching a movie with my girl friends...and i finally found out the horrible truth...well, come to think of it, it's a beautiful truth....

the guy i thought who liked me is so damn FUCKING superficial...and i'm glad i got over him before i found out...

yes, vulgarity's never my thang, but yeah, i'll say it one more damn FUCKING time! he's FUCKING superficial!

y? what happened u'd ask...

we (my friends and i) juz finished watching Big Momma's House 2 and on the way down, my friend, A, told me that the FUCKER has a crush on her...well, it's not that that made me mad...he used to have a crush on my other friend, S too...who happens to be in our group...ok ok, i don't know how to say this, the story goes like this:

last thursday, my friends and that FUCKER's gang went for tennis club...then FUCKER's friend was teasing him about his crush on S...then that night, FUCKER sms-ed A asking her if she heard...and she said 'yeah...good what...S's a nice girl' and he went 'i don't really like her...i used to have this teeny-weeny crush on her...not anymore...i've got a crush on someone else...' so A asked him 'how come?' he went 'cause this other girl is prettier' (did u 'hear' that?! PRETTIER) and so A went 'u don't like a person because she's pretty...u like someone because it's her personality u like...'

see?? whoever fell for the FUCKER is the world's stupidest person (yeah, i know, no such word as 'stupidest' SO? SUE ME!!)

and the thing is, FUCKER has been sending her sms's alot...although he already knows that she already has a boyfriend...guys *rolls eyes*

now y am i mad? because i'm the last to know this! my friends were actually waiting for me to get over him first before telling me...they thought i was totally into him...which was true for a few weeks...until i realise i'm totally crazy over my crush...and Thank God..really...i'm over that SUCKER! oh no, he's FUCKER, oh whatever that ends with a '-ER'

not only THAT that made me mad...there's this guy in their group who already has a gf for 3 years? and i was envious of their relationship and all...HAH! wrong! he has this crush on S too...which , according to my friend, is very obvious to the whole class...not that it's wrong for him to have a crush...i juz...ARGHH...hate guys so much!

i thought i'd get over the anti-guys thingy i had in primary school...but now i guess....i'm back to that...yeah...until miracle happens and show me that guys are not jerks after all...and i promise my girl friends...let's organise an Anti-Valentine's Party next year! YEAH!! friend asked me this question : one day if u get to be with ur crush, would u still be that crazy over him?
well, my answer is, i dunno...i cannot predict the future...but i'm sure i'll love him with my whole heart...since i've been waiting for years now...i guess even if he cheats on me...i know i'll still be there...until one day i can't take it anymore...and swear that any guy who doesn't know how to appreciate me...will regret...*winks*

to prove that guys are superficial? that FUCKER commented i look prettier with my contact lenses...BAH! and after hearing that comment, i wore glasses the next day!

hey, sze may...if u're reading this, wanna go out someday and dress up like goths? hehe...i so wanna try! wear all black, highlight our hair blue and put on black eyeliner! hehe....=D and maybe dark lipstick and nail polish too!!

i hope this is my last post about guys (excluding my crush =P) guys are soooo not worth it la! ka si!! GIRL POWER!

oh, talking about girl power...i so wanna get a tattoo on my arm...a small one...with japanese kanji on it saying girl power! hehe...but then...the thought of the pain makes me cringe...=D

p/s : right now the only thing i wish for is that my crush will have a fabulous relationship with his gf...not based on looks...but the heart....good luck!! love ya!


may said...

yeah!!...girl power!!...i'm glad that u gave up on that fucker...still remember how u used to tell me that u were afraid that he dislikes u?...guess that's all bullshit now..isn't it...hehe..i think he doesn't even deserve the shit!!
see? u know y i told u bout someday i might hate guys!!...they are universal!!personality is more important than looks?..CRAP!...all they notice is how cute u are..n how big is ur boobs..oh!
wearing goth one day?..hehe..i would like to give it a try...but i dun really dare to do so~ =p
anyway i'm just glad that u get over the fucker be wise girl...looks can be deceiving..sometimes attitude dun fall for someone too easily!!!
at last...GIRL POWER!!..ROCK ON!!

Lin Whatever! said...

i know i've told u this on msn already...but i can't help but to say it once more...

i love u, girl! thanks alot...girl friends are way better than guys! *hugs and kisses* i'll always remember that!