Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Words i should confess daily

I am a child of God
God is my Abba Father-my Daddy God!
God loves me just the way I am
God lives in me and I live in Him
I am a person of infinite worth
I have been created unique in every way
It is OK to love myself and take care of myself
I am created by God for every good work
God has called me and chosen me as His own
God is changing me every day to be more like Him
I am a person of great purpose and destiny
I am given talents, gifts and abilities by God
I am able to achieve great things in God
I am abounding in grace and hope
I am blessed- empowered to succeed in life
Greater is God in me than the devil in the world
I don't have to be afraid of anything for God is with me
Every bad habit I have is losing control over me
Even my enemies are at peace with me now
God is thinking good thoughts about me right now
God is planning the paths that will lead me to my purpose
I have visions and dreams from the Holy Spirit regularly
I am led daily by the Holy Spirit
I will walk in good health and live a long life
I love Jesus wholeheartedly
I love people fervently
Jesus loves me forever

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