Saturday, September 17, 2005

trials over...what's next?

i know i haven't been updating my blog for ages and i've said it before that i'm not gonna update it anymore...but i change my mind...i've been visiting a singaporean lady's blog for quite a while now...and i'm amazed that she updates her blog nearly every day and if possible, she'll post some interesting pics about the she posted a pic of the noodles she cooked for herself when she fell sick...etc.

so, what day is it today?'s the last day of my trial exam!!! yeah, i shouldn't be too happy...YET! there's a worse one to come in November! *shudders* BUT....i'm really happy it's over as i didn't do much preparation for my trials and i KNOW my results are gonna look F*****G horrible! *blush* i know, i never used the 'F' word before...but here, it's totally necessary..TRUST me!

well, some interesting stuff did happen though...let's see...i've forgotten which day but last week when i was about to cross the road opposite my apartment, a car stopped in front of me hence blocking my way...i was taken aback for a moment, all sorts of pics went rushing through my head, fearing somebody was gonna attack me and dump me in the middle of the road! lol...i know, i have a very wild imagination. anyway, back to the story, the window on the passenger's side wound down and the driver (a guy in his 20's or early 30's i guess) leaned forward and said 'xiao3 mei4 mei4 ah, zen3 yang4 qu4 kek lok si ah?' [translation : little girl, how do u get to kek lok si?] i was stunned he called me little girl! ok, so i wasn't sure how to get to kek lok si, all i know is that if u know how to reach air itam, u can reach kek lok i asked him if he knew how to go to air itam and he asked me how =.=" so i told him to look out for road signs to air itam and follow them...again he asked me if he needs to get to bandar baru first...i said i wasn't sure but once he reaches air itam then it shouldn't be a problem for him la...he said ' ok, thank u very much! (in chinese) ' and so i continued my 'journey' home! *wink*

a few months back when i was walking home, i saw a man with a walking stick from afar...i wasn't wearing my specs so i couldn't really see him clearly. he walked like a normal person (meaning he walked with a normal he was practically walking straigt towards me...that second i thought he was gonna pounce on me and attack i kept my cool and continue walking until i realised he was blind when he was a few meters away from me! i nearly walked straight into him! (or did he nearly walk straight into me?) whoa...what a relief that was!

i guess this is the longest post in my whole entire life...and the most meaningful one...hehe...i'm so glad trial exam is over!!! but i have to start studying REAL soon!

p/s : pls excuse my grammatical errors *wink*

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