Saturday, August 06, 2005

happy boys and girls

hi hi!
well, i guess this blog is not dead after all! *wink*
i've been in an extremely good mood, i guess this is gonna be a happy post! =D

hmmm....*grins* r the things that make me really happy :
  • i finally get to chat with my 5-year long crush!! hehe~ haven't seen him online since dunno-when...and i'm really glad he wasn't avoiding me which i was thinking too much *phew*! (ok, i don't care if he's taken, he's gonna be my crush forever...i hope)
  • maybe, juz MAYBE my parents are gonna send me to NZ to study! i'm not gonna celebrate yet...i might try for this scholarship (all i have to achieve good grades for the needed subjects =P) so, now i have a goal to work hard for *kekeke*
  • i have friends? i like to think all sorts when i'm not doing stuff...and i found out that not many ppl have friends whom they can share stuff with and me, i'm lucky to have a, i guess that makes me happy too =D
  • i admit there's not much stuff that make me happy...but now i'm definitely on cloud 9!! hehe...well i guess u know y...=P =)

the song i'm currently listening to: I'll Never Break Your Heart - Backstreet Boys

I'll never break your heart

I'll never make you cry

I'd rather die than live without you

I'll give you all of me

Honey, that's no lie

so...signing off......

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