Friday, August 26, 2005

Bad Boy

haha...what were u thinking? it's a title to a disco song...i really love this song as it has got this really upbeat tune...and it's quite a nice sing-along song too!

it goes like this :

Remember the feelings
Remember the day
My stone heart was breaking
My love ran away
This moment i knew i would be someone else
My love turned around and i fell

*Be my bad boy
Be my man
Be my weekend lover
But don't be my friend
U can be my bad boy
But i understand*
That i don't need u in my life again
Won't u [repeat *]
That i don't need u again
No, i don't need u again

You once made this promise
To stay by my side
But after sometime u juz push me aside
U never thought that a girl could be strong
Now i'll show u how to go on


i love the tune so much!! hehe~ok...i've wasted enough time...time to go......SHOWER!

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