Thursday, April 28, 2005

2nd day of exam =)

ok, i'm gonna make this real brief, gonna study study after this...

i wrote these during my exam =P cause a male teacher who i think is quite cute was walking here and he gave me the inspiration...hehe~

Here I sit and stare
When you're walking here and there
Peeking too long I do not dare
Afraid I might give you a scare

haha...stupid huh?

anyway, this was written by me when i was trying to TAHAN to go to the toilet...and the teachers haven't collected our answer sheets yet...keke

Oh, please quickly ring
Or else I'll start pissing
It wouldn't be very pleasing
So please would you quickly RING!

p/s : the clock doesn't ring...juz that i needed to go to the toilet so badly...i juz simply wrote wuliao =D

ok, gotta go study now...wish me luck for the day after tomorrow! (sitting for Physics! aiks!)


raptor_ravenlord said...

haha glad 2 c ur poetry writing is improving :P
looks like the poetry bug relly caught on eh

Lin Whatever! said...
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Lin Whatever! said... i know, u like silly poems that rhyme. anyway, thank u la =P so flattered...hehe~