Friday, April 01, 2005


ok...juz great! when i thought i could go to bed earlier than usual...THIS happened!!
i was sleeping really soundly when all of a sudden i felt my bed swaying (whatever u call it) vigorously!! at first i thought i was having a nightmare and need to wake up...but when i sat, it wasn't my imagination...but who cares? i'm sleepy...and so i snuggled in my comforter again, trying to sleep...
when i was about to drift off dad shouted at me to run downstairs!! 'Ah Lin ah!! kok em kar meh zhao ah? (read it in hokkien) earthquake ah!!' and so, wearing my PJ's and bare-footed...i 'ran' downstairs lo...everybody was chattering away about how they felt the tremor....and i was trying to SLEEEEP...haha~ i'm not ignorant...i was really sleepy!
when we finally went back upstairs...i couldn't sleep the whole night! ARRGHHH!!

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